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 Welcome to the home of JSCafe, a prepaid and postpaid internet cafe management software that also monitors bandwith for each customer.

Launched in Cape Town, South Africa in 2002 and having now sold thousands of units all over the world, JSCafe is undoubtedly now a leading PC use time management software. It has built an immense reputation as a robust and reliable tool for enhancing the efficiency and productivity of an internet cafe, business centre, library, breakfast and bed, backpackers, hotel etc.

Our software engineers invested enormous time and effort to ensure that the number of clicks required to achieve key operations such as issuing a password, charging a customer etc. are  minimum. In most cases one click, thus allowing a customer to be attended to almost instantaneously. This capability coupled with our ever ready telephone support system is probably the leading cause for our tremendous success.

To all potential customers from all over the world, we would like to remind you that we are a simple phone call away! We highly recommend that when setting up the software for a trial version you should not waste your precious time reading our manual of how to setup the software but rather you or your network administrator should call us for  telephonic guidance. This way, in little time the software will be up and running and you will be totally comfortable with it. During this telephonic guidance we also get to know you our valued customer and establish a long term working relationship with you so that our relationship does not end when you pay us but rather strengthens so that in future you or your staff will not hesitate to call us for support even for the silliest of queries!


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