A customer is given a password by the cashier at the point of sale which he/she punches at the allocated PC. A timer starts counting from the moment the customer logs onto the PC. When the customer is finished with using the PC he/she logs off and goes to the cashier where the cashier will look on her screen to see how long the customer has been using the PC and thus bill him/her accordingly.

JS Café also permits regular customers to register for a membership/contract that allows them to buy prepaid PC use time. A customer who has registered for a contract does not need to report to the cashier at the point of sale when he enters the shop, instead he can walk straight to any free PC and type in his/her username and password and start using the PC until their prepaid time is finished. This is a powerful feature for enhancing loyalty of customers as they will always come back to finish up their prepaid time.

JSCafe also monitors the bandwith consumed by each customer so that if it is excessive you are able to charge the customer accordingly. There are malicious customers out there who come to download big files such as DVD’s that exhaust your bandwith, without a bandwith monitoring system it is hard to catch them!

The program also restricts customers from accessing control panel, display properties, internet properties etc without permission from staff. The overall effect being that customers don’t temper with your pc settings and thus lowering your pc maintenance cost.

There are numerous good features of JSCafe that will add tremendous tangible value to your business. The best way to know them is to download and install the software for a one week trial.