Some Feedback From Our Valued Customers

"Your software is so simple and straight forward" Messina

"If I say anybody can do magic without knowing it then it will be true in JS Café software, cuz it is quite simple to learn even in 15 minutes you are expert of all features. I have used so many softwares but to setup them is same like you have to learn a whole new language. Jscafe is as simple as 1…2…3… go. As South Africa’s leading Computer Solutions provider we are recommending JSCafe to all our Internet café clients." SA Computer Solutions Cape Town

"I am very happy with your software. It definitely is a plus in our work environment and it alleviates the need for us to go back and forth to the computers logging customers on." Cape Towm

"Thank you very much for your excellent service" Mpumalanga

"I have been using JSCafe for about two months now. It is really great" Cape Town

"Your PC use management software integrates excellently with my point of sale program" Pretoria

"Your software paid for itself in less than two weeks. My profits increased by 30% since I implemented your software. Thank you!" Durban

"The bandwith monitoring feature of your software helped me to catch the culprits who have been coming to download large music files and getting away paying 10 rands when in fact they've cost me 200 or more rands per session. My internet profits have since increased. Thank you" Eastern Cape